Two In A Castle Story

A collection inspired by the endless blue sea and the magical underwater world.

A circus of LOVE, a deep dive into a sea of dreams and hope.

SS22 is a story about a kid who had to learn how to swim into the deep waters as he was in a constant hunt of new worlds and was extremely curious to discover what was hidden under the sea.

The kid closed his eyes and jumped into the sea.

The deeper he was going, the more he was getting scared until he decided to open his eyes. With eyes wide open the fear somehow turned into admiration of how much beauty is hidden inside the unknown.

Coral reefs, countless shades of blue, colorful sea-shells alongside magical creatures and the blooming underwater gardens stole his heart. And then the bottom of the sea turned into an underwater circus.

The kid realized that there is nothing impossible. There is so much beauty in this world and so much world to be discovered.

Our SS22 collection is once again dedicated to KIDS WHO HAVE THEIR HEADS IN THE CLOUDS AND THEIR FEET ON THE GROUND.

It is dedicated to DREAMS, HOPE & LOVE which never stop amusing us with how much they can grow.

It is dedicated to the radiant magic of childhood which keeps the world spinning and keeps our creativity on fire!


is a “thank you” to our future generation and a “promise” that we will give them more beauty to discover!

Designed & Made in Greece.

With love


TC team


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