Terms of Use of the electronic shop of  TWO IN A CASTLE OE / www.twoinacastle.gr

Please read  carefully the following terms regarding the rights and obligations of the company to all of the visitors to the site. The site www.gelato.gr is an online store selling the products of TWO IN A CASTLE OE .


TWO IN A CASTLE OE reserves the right to change the content of www.gelato.gr (“the Website”) at any time without informing the users. However, TWO IN A CASTLE OE can not unilaterally modify the terms of the transactions without prior notice to the users through the Website.


The control of the technical information provided and the suitability of the items ordered is the sole responsibility of the customer who uses the Website (the “Customer”). TWO IN A CASTLE OE  is not responsible for any product incompatibilities with other products. The Customer states that all information provided by him during the use of the Site is true, accurate and valid.

The Customer understands and accepts the international nature of the Internet and is committed to faithfully respecting and adhering to the local ethical rules of each state. The user / member is committed to faithfully comply with the legislation on the transmission of data from Greece and Europe to third countries.

The Customer declares that he will not use the Website to send, post or transmit any illegal content.

The Customer may subscribe to the Website and create a customer account (“Account”) to which he / she will have access via a user name and a password. The Customer bears sole responsibility for maintaining the confidentiality of the above Account details.

The Customer remains solely responsible for all transactions carried out under his / her Account and for the careful use of his / her account and his / her standard exit from the Account at the end of each financial year. The Client undertakes to cover any loss of  TWO IN A CASTLE OE OE or its affiliates or affiliates from the misuse of this Site and its Account by unauthorized persons


TWO IN A CASTLE OE, can not guarantee that the pages, services, options and contents of the site will be provided without interruption, without errors and that the errors will be corrected. Nor does it warrant that the Website or any other related Web site or “server” servers through which they are made available to the Customer are provided without “viruses” or other harmful components.

TWO IN A CASTLE OE. has no liability whatsoever for direct or indirect damage or damage that may be caused by the lack of ability to use the Site and any errors, interruptions, defects or delays in the operation of the Site or the transmission of information via it.

TWO IN A CASTLE OE . can not guarantee the availability of the products but will inform the Customer in time of their unavailability. TWO IN A CASTLE OE OE. is not responsible for any technical, typographical or spelling errors in the prices or characteristics of the products.

For the security of your transactions, if a product has an abnormally low price, without any particulars to justify it, please contact us before ordering the product. In general, the company does not guarantee the correctness, completeness or availability of the contents, pages, services, options or their results in any way. The cost of possible corrections or services is borne by the Customer and in no case by the company.


TWO IN A CASTLE OE . is the sole and exclusive rightholder of all intellectual property rights on the content and structure of the Site except for explicit exceptions (copyrights of third parties, affiliates, and agents). All content of the Site, including images, graphics, photographs, drawings, texts, sounds, videos, services and products and generally all the archives of the Site, are copyright works, trademarks and service marks of TWO IN A CASTLE OE OE. and protected under the relevant provisions of Greek law, European law and international conventions and treaties. It is expressly prohibited to reproduce, copy, download, sell, resell or otherwise commercially exploit all or part of the content of the Site.


The personal data of the Customers are used, in accordance with the provisions of Law 2472/97, exclusively by TWO IN A CASTLE OE and exclusively for the execution and proof of their orders, the issuance of the relevant legal documents (tax) and the extraction of statistics (which will not contain personal data that may lead to the identification of individuals). The Customer hereby gives his / her consent to the storage and processing of his / her personal data by TWO IN A CASTLE OE for the above purposes. This data is not passed on to third parties.

The Customer has the right to access every item that he has given us (right to access no. 12 of Law 2472/97) and to raise at any time objections to the processing of the data concerning him (right of objection No. 13 of 2472/97 ).

For any use of the right to object to the processing of the data, you may contact Kannelis Konstantinos, 210-2716380-1 or via email at [email protected] Customer Complaints may be communicated to the competent judicial, police or administrative authorities , at their request, in accordance with applicable law


Like most sites on the Internet, we also use cookies on the Site to identify the user and offer personalized services. Cookies are text files that are stored on each client’s hard disk and do not know any document or file from their computer. They are used to facilitate Customer access to specific services of the Site for statistical purposes in order to determine the areas in which the Services of the Store are useful or popular or for marketing purposes. The Customer may configure his / her browser in such a way that he or she warns him or her against the use of cookies on specific services on the Site or does not allow the acceptance of cookies in any way. In the event that the user of the particular services of the Website does not wish to use cookies for his / her recognition, he / she may not have access to these services.


Visitors / users of the Web site who are minors have access to their services only with the consent of their parents or guardians and are under no obligation to submit their personal information. If such information is submitted by minors, the company deletes the relevant information. If, however, false information is filed upon completion of the membership application, TWO IN A CASTLE OE. does not bear any responsibility.


1 The website / electronic shop TWO IN A CASTLE OE operates in accordance with the provisions of the decision Z1-496 / 2000 on distance sales and the provisions of Law 2251/1994 on Consumer Protection. (A) the essential characteristics of the goods offered; (b) the price; (c) the quantity and the cost of transport; (d) the value added tax if not included in the price; (e) the method of payment , (f) the method of delivery and execution, (g) the duration of the offer or price, and (h) the right of withdrawal.
2  The use of the services of the Website does not entail any additional cost beyond the applicable pricing regime for general Internet access as established by the ISPs and paid to them only.
3  Customers are required to transmit to the person in charge of the Site any problem and / or complaint and / or suggestion and / or any remark that may arise from the use of the services of the Site.
4  Forms of order shall specify any specific terms and arrangements governing, in addition to the terms and arrangements of this contract, the purchase of each specific product.

5  The Website / E-shop reserves the right to reserve and / or refuse to execute orders if it notifies the Customer concerned of the reasons for the reservation and / or refusal.



1  You choose specific product codes from the product catalog or product search and place them in your Shopping Cart
2  You choose from the Shopping Cart the products you want to order.
3 Fill in the order details, such as the payment method, the shipping method, the shipping address and the order comments.
4  Inspect the overall image of the order, accept the general trading terms and give the final order order.
5  At each step metioned above and for fixes prior to the order being placed, there is a choice Back next to Continue or Command



Your orders are archived electronically and you can, if you wish, get acquainted with the content of your order.
The use of the Site is at the exclusive responsibility of the Customer. We are not responsible for malicious third party intervention.
Visitors to the Site are bound not to harm third parties with malicious use of the Site and that they will not violate their personal data.



TWO IN A CASTLE OE . makes every effort to present with the greatest precision the products and the essential characteristics of the products.

TWO IN A CASTLE OE. has made every effort to accurately reflect the true colors of the products when they appear on the Site. However, our company is not responsible for, and does not guarantee, the absolute accuracy of the display of the product colors on the user’s computer screen, as this depends on the characteristics of the particular screen and computer.



Your order will be delivered within five working days of the date of submission of your order form (from 09:00 to 17:00) by the courier company to the address you specify on the order form. The delivery time outside of Greece is usually 5-10 business days and the shipment is by . To make it easier for everyone, please inform us about the details of the place of pick-up (company name, floor, office number, etc.) where necessary. For security of transactions, you can only receive the products you purchased by showing your identity card to the employee of that courier company.
TWO IN A CASTLE OE . Ltd. is not responsible for any delays and / or failure to deliver due to third party intermediaries and / or for reasons of force majeure or gambling. However, if for reasons of force majeure (eg bad weather, strikes, etc.) or insurmountable failure it is not possible to deliver the products immediately, we will inform you by e-mail to indicate if you still wish , under the new conditions, complete your order.
Transport costs are as follows. Within a city and within a region 2.50€, land and island destinations 4.00€. To any European country, the cost of transport is 20€.
In case of cash on delivery, there is an additional cost of 2.50€.
The total amount to be calculated based on the above is displayed as you login or give your details
The delivery days are from Monday to Friday, from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm. Delivery time is set to one to five business days.
Visiting the Site implies the unconditional acceptance of the above terms.